Giovanni MoniniChief Executive Officer

Olivier SeveriniManaging Director

Giovanni MoniniChief Executive Officer

Olivier SeveriniManaging Director

Our success is based on five important pillars

From 1980, our mindset is founded on the conviction that our engineers’ abilities can be cultivated and are malleable. This allowed us to grow with enthusiasm, time, and a commitment to improving, learning, and become greater and better than the day before. We have trusted this process along the way and so we have been able to form a tradition of our own based on skills, perseverance, dedication, care and attention.

As engineers, we are curious to know how things work, how to improve them and how to design new things. This is the challenge that we face every day to stay focused and committed to our mission.

It is our curiosity that drives all our innovation undertakings. Without this curiosity, we would only do what has been done before us. Instead we have chosen to adapt, to update and to thrive towards the best and most advanced engineering solutions.

Our competencies involve the ability to work on a team, effectively addressing client and stakeholder needs, efficiently managing projects, innovative thinking, and basic business knowledge. This pillar covers the knowledge, skills, and abilities that all our engineers provide in all sectors.

We leverage our engineering expertise and techniques to proactively mitigate potential challenges, ensuring the prevention of specific failure modes and minimizing the likelihood and frequency of any setbacks. Learning inside from diverse experiences, we identify and address the root causes of incidents in analogous scenarios, promoting a consistent and dependable overall performance. By incorporating reliability engineering principles since the early stages of design and development, we are able to create safer, more resilient, and longer-lasting solutions with a reduced risk of failure


Serafino Monini, incorporates incico Srl

Giovanni Monini, appointed as CEO

incico Srl evolves to incico SpA & opening a new office in Milano

incico acquires Novatech Engineering Pvt. Ltd. in Combaitore, India later re-branded in 2022 as Incico India Engineering Private Limited.

incico embraces BIM, a multidisciplinary building design practice.

incico strengthens its Green Economy sector establishing several strategic engineering partnerships.

incico is approved in the RFI (Italian Railway Authority) qualification system, with the highest score matched by only 8 other engineering firms

On its 40th anniversary, incico unveils a new organization creating 3 main divisions: Plants, Low Carbon Emission and Infrastructures

Olivier Severini, appointed as Managing Director

incico establishes a fast growing new office in Brindisi

The company develops EPCM and Energy Transition Business Units

incico incorporates Incico Middle East Engineering LLC in Abu Dhabi, UAE

incico opens a new office in Torino & becomes the main shareholder of Cogenera srl, which enter into the Incico group focusing into the new Energy Efficiency Business Unit

Years of Experience
Projects Completed Worldwide (and counting)
Satisfied Customers
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In recent years, the Climate Change has forced, especially in Europe, an extraordinary acceleration in the process of changing the energy system and in general the current industrial paradigm.
INCICO too, has launched an intense program addressing innovation topics and new technologies, initiating research programs in-house and in collaboration with the Universities of Bologna, Ferrara and Padua, aimed at innovative photo-electric systems for green hydrogen, the production of green fuels obtained from CO2 sequestration, and the realization of thermal storage systems centered on sustainability and the reuse of abandoned industrial sites.
INCICO’s dedicated Innovation team, which is also supported by two PhDs programs, is now a compass that guides our company and enables us to stay abreast of sustainability challenges.

Strategic Advisory Committee

To enhance the Corporate Governance structure, INCICO Board of Directors (BoD) has set up a Strategic Advisory Committee with the primary responsibility of contributing to the formulation of a strategy for the Company. The perimeter of the Committee covers assessment of existing organization and business, as well as forecast of where and how the Company should compete i.e. markets, sectors, line of business and international development.

It is an Advisory Board providing non-binding inputs, recommendations on the long-term development strategies, and suggesting organizational modifications to achieve the goals and the mission assigned by the Board of Directors to each business unit.

The Strategic Advisory Committee is composed by four (4) international Top Executives Managers well known for their integrity, independence, wisdom and overarching knowledge about Engineering Services.

Meeting twice a year since kick-off meeting in October 2021, the Strategic Committee aims to issue in 2024 a Report to provide strategic direction, to guide quality improvement to the organization, and to assess and monitor program effectiveness.

Here below a quick bio information about the four members:

Gaetano Iaquanello owns a graduate degree cum laude in Chemical Engineering from the University of Rome, a “Docteur” at the U.E.R des Sciences-Université de Limoges and an MSc in Management from the London Business School/University of London.

Among other prestigious posts, he is an Associated Professor of “Analysis Simulation and Strategy of process engineering” at the Campus Bio-medico-Chemical Engineering Department for Sustainable Development. Bestowed of the “Gold Medal” from the Italian Chemical Society for his work on the waste conversion to chemicals.

He is Member of the American Chemical Society and Vice President of the Italian Society of Chemical Engineers (AIDIC). He published more than 120 scientific papers, mainly in syngas/hydrogen, waste conversion, e-fuels and solar energy. He is editor of 4 books on membrane reactors for processing industry, CO2 re-use and green chemistry. He is the author of more than 20 registered patents.

Hubert Labourdette was graduated as engineer in Mechanical Engineering in France in 1984. Up to 2023, he was VP-Strategic Operations in Assystem, a worldwide leading Engineering Company in charge of all international development in energy and infrastructures.
Among other posts, he was:

  • From 2010 to 2023, Managing Director of Engage SNC a joint company between Empresarios Agrupados (Spain) , Atkins (UK), Egis and Assystem (France) created for the Architect Engineer contract with Fusion for Energy (F4E), the European Union’s organisation for Europe’s contribution to ITER.
  • From 2016 to 2023, Managing Director of MOMENTUM SNC a joint company between Woods (UK), KEPCO E&C (Korea) and Assystem (France) as a Construction Management Consortium for ITER Organization.
  • From 2011, General Manager of N.Triple.A, a company providing consultancy and engineering services to countries developing nuclear power as part of their energy mix.

He was involved in Syntec, the professional federation of consulting engineering companies in France, as President of the International Commission.

Since 2023 he works as Senior advisor (HLE Advisor)

Maryse François is graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique and ENSTA in 1985, and in Business Management from IAE Paris and from Advanced management program INSEAD in 2001. She obtained Certification Board member from IFA/ Science Po in 2020.

From 2005-2007 she was Executive in charge of worldwide engineering for Alstom Hydro, then Executive in charge of Product Management, expertise and Technology, R&D and IP management. From 2013 to 2015, she was Senior executive in charge of innovation for Alstom Renewable.

From 2020 she is Senior consultant (MFX Consulting) and is involved as Non-Executive Director in an Hydro Project Consultancy Firm with International Exposure.

She is a Knight of the French National Order of Merit, awarded by the Minister of Research. Bestowed of a Doctor Honoris Causa ETS Montréal, Grand prix of the Société Hydraulique de France, winner of the Woman Hydrovision award in Research and Technology.

Among her involvements in various associations: IFA Board member, Hydro21, Dauphiné Savoie, X Environnement, Elles Bougent, XMP au féminin.

Olivier Imbault holds an engineering degree from Ecole Centrale Lyon (1978) and an MBA from INSEAD Young Manager Program (1985).

He worked for Air Liquide since 1981 in various positions among which from 1986 to 2007 in Milan for Air Liquide Italy & South Europe, Middle East and Africa as Comex member – CEO Italy – VP Mediterranean and African Zone. From 2007 to 2009, back in Air Liquide Corporate in Paris, he was Group Vice President Energy, then up to 2021 Vice President Europe Energy & Industry Affairs for Air Liquide Europe (Paris – Brussels – Frankfurt). He has contributed to the implementation of the EU ETS in Air Liquide with the creation of a new entity focused on energy and environmental commodities management aiming, among others, at supporting the decarbonization of the Air Liquide activities.

Since 2021 he is Senior Fellow at ERCST after chairing Business Europe Working Group Energy & Climate (2015_2021) where he developed a broad experience in EU regulations and leadership role in the European debates on energy transition, climate change and sustainable development. He is Fully involved in the development of the new European Carbon market, as Chairman of the European Industrial Gases Regulatory Council (EIGA).


To support its strategic development phase, particularly at the international level, INCICO has signed stable partnerships with a number of specific companies that perform targeted synergistic integration functions.

Our certifications

The Quality Policy that incico intends to manage, by introducing a Quality Management System, in compliance with the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, is supposed to be, not just a simple methodology of working but a real way to think, throughout the Company Organization can monitor and check its own tasks in the way of continuous improvement.
This conception allows to acquire a specific analysis attitude, as main managing tool, able to be preventive, directly and secondary at each level, with the scope of gaining better results and being used as deterrent in front of undesirable events, as well as being able to achieve full satisfaction of the Customer and the stakeholders. At the beginning of each project incico prepares a specific plan for Quality control in order to identify the dedicated resources to projects, as well as the procedures to be adopted for the management information flow and the design process, based on a time scheduling and in compliance with the Client’s contractual requests. Specific focus is dedicated on the right management of the multidisciplinary interfaces.

ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018
ISO 9001:2015

The key activities joined to the Quality System are:

  • Operation to be handled in organic, hence harmonious and gradual way
  • Planning
  • Documentation tracking
  • Checking and monitor
  • Analysis of the risks and of the opportunities
  • Information flow managing
  • Check copies handling
  • Multidisciplinary cross-checking and interfaces managing
  • Project review
  • Non-conformities treating and resolution

Modello organizzativo,
di gestione e controllo
ai sensi del D.LGS.231

Rating di legalità
art. 2, comma1

Codice etico
e di comportamento

Regolamento per la gestione
delle segnalazioni interne
di violazioni

Informativa al trattamento
dei dati ex art. 13 Reg. UE 2016/679