Quality Policy

The Quality Policy that incico intends to manage, by introducing a Quality Management System, in compliance with the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, is supposed to be, not just a simple methodology of working but a real way to think, throughout the Company Organization can monitor and check its own tasks in the way of continuous improvement.

This conception allows to acquire a specific analysis attitude, as main managing tool, able to be preventive, directly and secondary at each level, with the scope of gaining better results and being used as deterrent in front of undesirable events, as well as being able to achieve full satisfaction of the Customer and the stakeholders.

At the beginning of each project incico prepares a specific plan for Quality control in order to identify the dedicated resources to projects, as well as the procedures to be adopted for the management information flow and the design process, based on a time scheduling and in compliance with the Client’s contractual requests.

Specific focus is dedicated on the right management of the multidisciplinary interfaces.

The key activities joined to the Quality System are:

  • Operation to be handled in organic, hence harmonious and gradual way;
  • Planning;
  • Documentation tracking;
  • Checking and monitor;
  • Analysis of the risks and of the opportunities;
  • Information flow managing;
  • Check copies handling;
  • Multidisciplinary cross-checking and interfaces managing;
  • Project review;
  • Non-conformities treating and resolution.


CRIBIS D&B (Crif Spa group) is a highly specialized company with high skills in business information, born from the strategic alliance between CRIF, European leader in credit information systems and decision support, and Dun & Bradstreet, world leader in business information.

Cribis Prime Company is the highest level of assessment of a company’s reliability and is issued only and exclusively to companies that consistently maintain a high level of reliability and are virtuous in payments to suppliers.

For incico, CRIBIS PRIME COMPANY means an additional certificate of quality, being issued on the basis of an analysis of numerous variables such as company seniority, balance sheet data and payment experiences. The parameters are constantly evaluated on the basis of CRIBIS D&B Rating, a dynamic and updated indicator that measures the commercial reliability of a company.

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