Incico’s efficiency means indeed to constantly look for the right tools to obtain solutions that are at the same time optimized and dramatically less time-consuming, with a perspective of participatory planning.

That is why our Research and Innovation policy measures are called SMART ENGINEERING Incico 4.0. It is a new kind of integrated engineering made out of:

Competitive approach

a new approach to distribution, integration and interactivity for projects and project management.

Integration methods

every project team member can rely on shared tools, methods and know-how.

Common processes

processes for sharing information and projects through a single data storage system.

Up-to-date with Innovation

By providing virtual models, Incico gives customers the chance to monitor a model that is both informational and operative, even when it’s undergoing maintenance.

Thanks to the integration of these tools throughout the whole design process, our platform now covers the entire life cycle of our projects: we are looking at a brand-new design model that can really make the difference.

Moreover, Incico is committed to develop new products that will build the foundation for a new high-performing type of engineering.

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