History in Brief

1980: Serafino Monini, owner of an important civil and hydraulic engineering firm, establishes Incico S.r.l. The company immediately concludes national and overseas agreements.

1994: Engineer Giovanni Monini takes over the corporate management, addressing Incico ’s efforts to the field of Energy.

2003: Incico turns into an S.p.A. with the acquisition of the Milan-based engineering firm Novatech. This company provides multidisciplinary engineering services in the fields of energy, plant building and industry. Incico immediately adopts integrated design with advanced solutions by introducing PDMS for 3D modeling.

2004: Incico starts a process of internationalization and expansion to the Far East with the acquisition of Novatech Engineering P. Ltd – Tamil Nadu (India).

2013: After over 5 years of collaboration with Alstom Power in South Africa, for the realization of the Medupi e Kusile Thermal Power Stations, Incico starts a partnership in the South African country: SemaneIncico – today known as Incico & Romella.

2014: The company establishes a Saudi branch Incico & partner by merging with the Al Ojaimi Group in Dammam (KSA) and contributes to the strong development phase within the Gulf area.

2015: After over 10 years working with PDMS 3D plant models, Incico adopts the BIM’s multidisciplinary building design practices, aiming at designing infrastructures and MEP facilities.

2016: Incico lands in the USA in partnership with SITIE S.p.A. for other initiatives offered by the American market.

2017: With its long-standing experience in designing wind, solar, photovoltaic and energy recovery installations, Incico breaks through the Green Economy sector establishing a strategic engineering partnership with Bio-on, a world-leading company in the field of PHA bioplastics.

2018: Incico consolidates its presence in the field of large-scale civil infrastructures, it enters the RFI qualification system, with a score that was achieved only by eight other engineering companies in Italy.

2019: On its 40th anniversary, following to a strong growth in production capacity and constant innovation of its designing processes, Incico starts a radical reorganization plan that leads to the creation of three main branches: Plants, Green and Infrastructures.

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