As the ancient myth of Prometheus – who brought fire to mankind – teaches us, the link between energy and human development is unbreakable: we could never picture our lives and social relationships without electricity, gas and fuel today. Men, masters of their destiny, have always produced and consumed energy: it is a life cycle, in which human intellect and creativity have led to relevant and often surprising results, especially over the past century.

By consciously choosing to encourage sustainable development and to respect the environment, we have witnessed a huge change in production strategies, both in Italy and worldwide.

Engineering in this field, from oil & gas to energy, from the petrochemical sector to fine chemicals, from the manufacturing industry to the pharmaceutical ones, deals with a constant demand for innovation in products, processes, which translates into new facility planning.

With its 40 years of successful multidisciplinary engineering experience, incico has always been at the forefront in the plant building sector; for this reason, it has been significantly considered and chosen by large international companies for plant building.

Axapuxco EVM II Central (Mexico)

Country: Mexico
Division: energy generation PLANTS
Customer: General Electric Switzerland
Project: EVM II combined cycle plant
Power: 795 MW Net Electric Power
N. 2 Turbogas 7HA.02 (2×384 MW) and n. 1 Steam Turbine (27 MW)
Services: Definitive and Executive Design

The Project (EVM II_CCPP 7HA.02 multi-shaft 2 in 1 with Air Condenser, Net power supplied 795 MW, in Axapusco Mexico) consist of one (1) unit, with two (2) turbogas, two (2) boilers recovery system for steam generation and one (1) steam turbine with “outdoor” equipment and related auxiliary systems. The steam condensation cycle is carried out with an air system (ACC). The main metal structures were made with a prefabricated module system and assembled in. The plant is located in an area of ​​very high seismic risk.

Incico has developed the integral design of the plant, taking care of all civil and structural activities. In addition, it has prepared the authorization documentation for the Authorities on behalf of GE for the purpose of obtaining the Building Permit, through the involvement of a Local Partner.
During the construction phase Incico has ensured supervision activities on site.

Civil and structural design (United Arab Emirates)

Location: Hassyan (Dubai) – United Arab Emirates
Division: Plants (coal-fired power plant)
Customer: HEI (Harbin Electric International – China)
Type of service: Civil and structural design – Site supervision

Incico has been involved as a verifier and design supervisor performed by another company on behalf of the same HEI Client. The project was therefore carried out partly as a verifier and partly as an independent designer, maintaining technical relations with the Customer HEI, the GE Consortium partner, the owner of the ACWA Power plant with its verification companies.

The project consists of 4 steam turbines of 600MW each. The most important units in the purpose were the foundations of the entire power area, as well as the verification and assumption of responsibility towards the local authorities of the two twin coal hangars (120 x 700m), both for the metal structures and for foundations. The behavior of these structures was also tested in the wind tunnel.

While the design activities were mainly carried out in-house, a technical site office was nevertheless deployed to directly follow the problems and critical issues that emerged.

Civil and structural design (Germany)

Location: Knapsack – Germany
Division: Plants (Petrochemical Plant)
Customer: Lyondellbasell Germany
Type of service: Civil and structural design

The project included a new silos park with a metal structure and some ancillary structures.

For this project, Incico conducted activities related to civil and structural design. Furthermore, the technical tabulation activity of the offers submitted by the contractors was performed and the relationship with the local verifier (Prüfstatiker) was maintained throughout the project, in order to implement the comments received.

The most important unit in the scope of work was the 10m high metal structure designed to support the new silos containing talc and compound.

Civil and structural design (Germany)

Location: Cologne-Niehl – Germany
Division: Plants (Cogeneration power plant)
Customer: General Electric Germany
Type of service: Civil and structural design – Building permit activities

The project included a single-gas turbine with a total power of 300MW.

For this project, Incico conducted the activities concerning civil and structural design. The project started with the development of the documentation necessary for the building permit, carried out with the support of a local partner company and then the complete design was carried out at executive level. Furthermore, the relationship with the local verifier (Prüfstatiker) was maintained throughout the project in order to implement the comments received.

The most important units in the scope of work were the structures of the island of Potenza and their foundations, as well as the 17m deep pumping station. Many of the structures of the plant have been designed as modular, taking into account the different loading conditions during transport and lifting.

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