Eco-compatibility is a new economic paradigm, an option that does not inhibits growth, wealth creation or employment opportunities. Conversely, the large-scale development of “green” sectors offers relevant investment, growth and employment opportunities for the whole productive system.

Green economy plays a key role in the new global scenario, in which our ecosystem is increasingly at stake. This is the new path we should follow in the future; a path of transition that not only involves the participation of government stakeholders, researchers, industrial and agricultural companies, but also of the most advanced engineering companies.

With its solid background in the LCE sector, incico adopts the most innovative designing tools and platforms. Environmentally-friendly waste facilities, renewable energy generation installations and innovative plants for biodegradable bioplastics are the main application fields of incico’s multidisciplinary engineering expertise, constantly thinking and planning a better future.

With an increasing dedication for the LCE sector, the so-called “soft economy”, incico offers, along with its skills and expertise, the passion of those working for a sustainable future and for the protection of our planet.

PHA production plant (Italy)

Location: Castel San Pietro Terme (BO) – Italy
Division: Green
Project: PHA production plant
Customer: BIO-ON
Service: Basic and detailed design

PHAs (Polyhydroxyalkanoates) are a new generation of totally biodegradable linear polyesters both in water and in the ground. The Project is the first PHA production plant in the world created by Bio-on, a leading Italian company in the biopolymer sector. Incico has entirely developed the basic and detailed multidisciplinary project, as well as purchasing assistance and supervision services and site assistance.

The plant has a production capacity of 1000 tons / year expandable to 2000 tons / year of PHA applied to the biocosmetics sector, and is connected to a Trigeneration plant ( www.bio-on.it ).

Photovoltaic plants of Villa Prat – Alto Solar – El Quele

Location: Chile
Division: Green
Project: Photovoltaic Plants of Villa Prat, Alto Solar and El Quele, 16MW
Customer: Building Energy
Services: Detailed civil and electrical design

The photovoltaic system generates electricity through panels, with a specific inclination, and supported by a system of metal structures (Tracker technology). Power is produced in direct current (DC) by photovoltaic modules only when they are under solar radiation. The electricity produced is collected and then transformed into alternating current (CA) and fed into the local network.

Incico has fully developed the detailed civil and electrical design, on behalf of Building Energy, a multinational operating in the renewable energy sector.

Biobutandiol production plant (Italy)

Location: Bottrighe (RO) – Italy
Division: Green
Project: Biobutanediol Production Plant (1.4 BDO)
Customer: Mater Biotech (Novamont Group)
Services: building authorization procedures, detailed civil planning, construction supervision

Biobutanediol (1,4 BDO) is a chemical intermediate for a wide range of applications, obtained directly from renewable sources through a fermentation process. The project represents the first industrial plant in Butandiol made in the world by Mater Biotech, a leading Italian company in the biopolymer sector.

Incico has entirely developed detailed civil planning, as well as services for obtaining building permits and works management.

S. Agata Biomass Plant

Location: Puglia – Italy
Division: Green
Customer: TOZZI Sud
Type of service: Final design of the systems
Power: 28 MWe + 80 MWt

The project consists of a biomass powered thermoelectric power plant, auxiliary and storage facilities and fuel supply and all the effluent treatment systems of the production process.

It has also been designed to accommodate a possible water condenser with relative group of pumps for the supply of hot water for heating for agricultural use. Incico has carried out the multidisciplinary design of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation and control systems.

Power generation: 25 MWe
Steam generator: 80 MWt

Wind Farm of Castiglione M.M. & Schiavi d’Abruzzo

Location: Abruzzo- Italy
Division: Green
Customer: EDISON – EDF
Type of service: Executive design
Power: 52.8 MW

Incico performed a repowering project for two wind farms; or the dismantling of 56 wind turbines on site (built between 1999 and 2001) and the installation of 16 wind turbines of greater power (3.3 MW) and technologically advanced.

As part of the intervention, the existing road system was adapted where possible and new sections of road network were planned with related support works; all in compliance with ecological and landscape constraints, through an advantageous use of geo-grid technology.

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