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May 2020

May 2020 150 150 Incico Spa
Lyondellbasell SF5 Debottlenecking feasibility study Italy
Technip – DOW Dow Chemical Plug Flow Reactor Plant Italy
General Electric GUD 1 Repowering project . Munich Germany
EP Produzione Tavazzano Power Plant refurbishing Italy
Cargill Cargill electrical & revamping projects Italy
Hitachi Zosen Inova Waste to Energy Rockingham Australia
Ansaldo Marbach Combyned Cycle Power Plant Germany
Lyondelbasell Amur Spheripol PDP Russia
Paul Wurth Italia Tecnored scaling up Project Brasil
SOGIN Decommissioning Trisaia nuclear facillities Italy
Arkad Beni Saf Compression Station Algeria
Lyondelbasell AGIC Spheriphol e Spherilene PDP Saudi Arabia
Technip DL ASI Treatment Plant Siracusa Italy
CNIM Waste to Energy Earls Gate Scotland
General Electric Hinkley Point EDF Nuclear Plant England
Ansaldo Energia Turbigo Repowering Project Italy
ABB Sweden SACOI 3 Project – HVDC connection Italy & France
CNIM Waste to Energy Earls gate Scotland
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